Looking to fast track
human-centric leadership
and purpose-led organisational growth?

In this integral-based programme, new leaders and key talent develop their own leadership strengths, while at the same time innovating and strengthening the organisational operating system.

Next Level Leadership

We're here to help you make the critical shift from product innovation to innovative people leadership. 

Your company was formed around new ideals and fuelled by start-up energy. It attracted self starters who connected with the vision, dived in and did their bit to build it. You have a proven 'product', great people and systems that keep people connected and work flowing. 

But success, scaling and hybrid work in new generation organisations brings multiple challenges - diverse values, restless talent, new joiners yet to find a 'fit', competing objectives, missing policies, scaling up (or down) for sustained profitability.
this is not a generic leadership programme

Next Level Leadership

Built from the inside out, it's informed by your individual enneagram profiles to build each leader’s unique strengths and key practices for the most fulfilling contribution to engaged, self-managing and high impact leadership. 

Next Level Leadership directs next level team and organisational performance. Personal insights and reflection are translated into and applied to defining team and individual purpose, roles and OKRs, aligning values, growth oriented 1-1s and feedback, high performance teaming and great meetings.

An unconventional, targeted, cost effective and transformative programme.
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The Impact

Self and other awareness
Aligning purpose, roles and values 
Conversations for growth and performance
Enabling self-organisation
Dynamic teaming and meetings
Shaping culture
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Awareness and knowledge of your own and other’s personality types

Defining personal purpose and work roles based on your (and other’s) strengths, motivations and values

Meeting diverse personalities in productive, positive conversations: 1-1s, feedback, courageous conversations 

Leading and managing your self and others: autonomy, accountability and levels of maturity 

High performance teaming and meetings: skills for engaging diversity and strengthening belonging

Meeting the 9 human needs in human-centric organisational systems

Regenerative leadership in complex systemic change 

Components of Next Level Leadership

Awareness, insights and action from 10 leadership team / group learning conversations

Enneagram type-oriented content, applied to relevant topics and made immediately applicable in the work, team and leadership environment. 

1 - Awareness 

Explore the Enneagram types of your team; personal and team insights, individual and team strengths, challenges, tensions. 

3 - Presence

Mind, emotion, action at work; mindfulness and listening - skills for staying present, positive and productive. 

5 - Pathways

Bespoke tools and practices for growth: Self-compassion, Assertiveness, Boundaries, Resilience... 

7 - Conversations

Positive and productive interaction; Appreciation, Listening, Inquiry and Advocacy in 1-1s, feedback and performance conversations.

9 - Leading

Leadership and system maturity; Leading, managing and working with diversity; type strengths, challenges and key practices. 

2 - Purpose

Deeper drivers of personality; exploring vision, vocation, and values at work and in the team. 

4 - Power

Self organising to optimise  strengths;  empowering self and others in hybrid work - Able, Willing, Allowed and Accountable.   

6 - Patterns

Defences; tools for recognising and managing the triggers and reactions that make us difficult to work with! Emotional intelligence in action.

8 - Courage

Conflict, change, competition and collaboration; how they play out at work and in life. Skills for courageous conversations. 

10 - Culture

Purpose-led organisational and team culture; strengthening and scaling behind shared purpose in a new world of work.

Discover the diverse ways we work, lead and live through EnneaMentor 

Grow your awareness of, and ability to unfold the potential in you and others, through our self-directed and mentored online programme.

Align values and embody a human-centric culture in Self-Operating Manuals 

Know your self, your aspirations, your values and your 'fit' in the organisation.  Help other's bring their signature strengths to their work and leadership

Build your organisation's operating system with authentic practices

Put what you are learning into play, as you customise and apply tried and tested tools and templates in support of organisational purpose and values. 
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