Unlock the self mastery, strengths and skills to liberate the very best in you and others

Journey with others to come to understand the many different ways you each work, lead and live in the world. 

The Enneagram - a powerful framework for personal and collective growth

The Enneagram is one of the most elegant, layered and time-tested systems for mapping the many and diverse ways human beings engage with the world. It has become most known and used for its profiling of nine personality types, yet often the more subtle and transformative aspects of the Enneagram are missed. Far from reducing people to a 'type', the Enneagram gives us the keys to unlock our self-limiting patterns and pathways and practices for growth.
Guiding you on this journey 

EnneaMentor Online

EnneaMentor guides you through characteristics and patterning uniquely yours, from your deeper motivation and values to pathways and practices for growth, as well as your communication, conflict, collaboration and leadership styles. The learning journey moves from inward to outward, giving access to the depth and breadth of the Enneagram with clarity and practicality.

Importantly EnneaMentor also gives you access to all this information for all the types so you can recognise these in yourself as well as in others that you live, love and work with.

All this at a third of the cost of individual and team coaching! 
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The Impact

Awareness and knowledge of 9 ways of being
Self-mastery and management 
Skills to better communicate and collaborate
Positive and productive ways of working together
Confidence in own leadership strengths
9 ways to strengthen teams and organisations
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- your own and other’s personality types
to power up strengths and ease self limiting patterns
and energise team creativity and output
- knowing each other’s work styles
and accessing those of others
 and build human-centric cultures

EnneaMentor modules with online mentoring

Module 1
See and feel the world from each of the 9 Enneagram points and begin the journey, with this map in hand, to an aware, less-limited, nobler version of your self! 
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Module 6
Ways we Defend

Time to ease up those powerful reactions we use to defend ourselves when we feel, think or sense we might be under threat. We are much easier to live and work with, when we do!
Module 2
Motivation and Values
Discover the belief shaped by your earliest life experiences that motivates your behaviour and patterns your life. Learn to recognise its gifts and limitations.
Module 7
Ways we Relate

With nine Enneagram Types, come nine ways of getting along with people. Discover what works for you and learn how best to relate to your team members and others around you.
Module 3
Head, Heart and Body
Reclaim a more powerful  version of your self by accessing and integrating three sources of intelligence –  your thoughts (head), feelings (heart) and intuition (body).
Module 8
Ways we do Life

We all have different ways of getting what we want and coping when we don’t. Understanding these reduces conflict and offers opportunities to learn from and lean on the strengths of others.
Module 4
Instincts and Subtypes
When we merge our instincts for survival, connection and belonging with each of the 9 types, we find 27 Subtypes. Yours will tell you more useful details about your self.
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Module 9
Enneas at Work

Discover the ways each Ennea type leads, manages, and works with others. See your own and other’s strengths and areas for growth and learn to engage with this diversity skilfully and productively
Module 5 
Pathways for Growth
Explore the Enneagram geometry and Levels of Mastery to map your unique pathway and practices to a more aware, authentic and responsive self. 
Module 10
Beyond the Self
Teams and organisations have their own personality, habitual patterns and opportunities for growth. As we steward better versions of our selves, we can do the same for our teams and organisations.

Learning conversations with your Ennea Mentor


A remote (or in person) group session to set you up for success. Expectations of, and commitments to our selves, each other and the learning journey. An Enneagram profile starts you off on your journey. 

Live Group / Team Coaching

Pre-scheduled 2+ hour live group coaching conversations (remote or in-person) with your EnneaMentor take the individual online learning and mentorship up a level and into the group.  Accessing the diversity of types for lively real-time learning to deepen insights, build mutual understanding and support practices for growth. 


A remote (or in person) group session to end on a high note.  Personal and group reflections - and appreciations - for the depth and breadth of the learning. Images, rituals and stories to support ongoing integration
Once I started I couldn't stop - it was so fascinating! The right stuff at the right time! You've built an incredible journey/ platform. I loved it.
Melanie Grobler
Innovation & Communication Consultant, LRMG
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Meet your EnneaMentors

Bridget has brought the Enneagram into multiple leadership and team development programmes in organisations in many industries. In 20 years of practicing with the Enneagram, she has learnt from Enneagram luminaries such as Russ Hudson (Wisdom of the Enneagram), Beatrice Chestnut (Sub-types), Ginger Lapid-Bogda (types at work and as leaders), Helen Palmer (the narrative and integral enneagram) and Uranio Paes (energy and the enneagram). She is also a qualified Enneagram practitioner with the Integrative Enneagram Solutions (www.integrative9.com).

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Liz was introduced to the Enneagram in 2010, and because of the profound insights it provided in her own life, she shared the information with her clients as a “tool for self-awareness” but quickly realised that the depth and breadth of the Enneagram goes far beyond personality descriptions. She has spent the last 13 years immersing herself in various aspects of the model, and training with international teachers. She is an accredited practitioner with Integrative Enneagram Solutions.

Liz uses the Enneagram with individual coaching clients, couples and groups and in organisations to support leadership development and team engagement, and finds that it is one of the most accurate and useful models for creating self-awareness, personal mastery and growth, and for supporting relationships, both personal and in the workplace. She also runs retreats in the KZN midlands to explore the deeper, spiritual aspects of the framework.

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Helen During is an internationally accredited Enneagram Specialist and Executive Coach. She uses the depth of the Enneagram alongside deep listening and conversational practices, to build greater awareness of self and other and a deeper understanding of the individual and team fingerprints. Her forward-looking coaching style inspires curiosity and insight that results in a greater sense of agency and action. Helen has a strong corporate and entrepreneurial background, with over 15 years of experience coaching individuals and teams in the workplace across a wide variety of industries.
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