unfolding potential and possibility in the new world of work
As a (people) leader in your organisation you want to give your people the means to grow themselves and the business with you
And as aspirant talent in the organisation you want to discover and fully realise ‘you’ and your best work – in a work community that engages and inspires you.
In this decade of unprecedented global change, it’s never been more important for organisations to be responsive and generative, creating work communities that are alive to possibility. No matter where we work or live, we are being challenged to meet uncertainty, change, and polarisation with presence, skill and openness; to move beyond personal defences, unrealistic expectations, fatigue, confusion and conflict into deeper listening, more inquiry, clearer feedback and constructive and productive engagement within and beyond organisational boundaries. 


For groups and teams at every level of the organisation, this 4-6 month journey leverages the wisdom of the Enneagram to unlock the best in you and your teams delivered through a blend of self-directed online modules and live coaching conversations.  

 It's lively, revealing and liberating! 

Next Level Leadership

For groups of team leads and high potential talent who want to grow the business while they grow themselves, this 10 month programme helps you integrate the lessons of EnneaMentor to level up your leadership and upgrade your organisation's operating system. 

 It's challenging and transformative! 

Change by Design

We partner you in your design and integration of human-centric organisational and operational change. Our collaborative process builds clarity and capacity by synergising people, systems, processes and technology in alignment with purpose and values.

Looking for an integrated approach? 

Our offerings

  • grow your talent to grow the business
  • equip people for dynamic roles and teaming
  • align accountability with autonomy
  • draw strength from inclusivity and diversity 
  • invest in innovative products and innovative leadership
  • strengthen connection through authentic relating
  • design, navigate and integrate organisational change
  • synergise people, systems, processes and technology
“Next Level Leadership was absolutely transformational for our organisation and the individuals who attended the programme. It created significant leadership and management capacity and capability and fast tracked the growth of our future leaders. I cannot recommend this leadership programme enough to any organisation that is scaling rapidly or looking to make a step change.”
Dave Kusel,
FORMER COO, Sanlam Indie 

Our Story

Fireglow’s story starts in 2000 beside a fire under a star-filled African sky and was so named out of a deep appreciation for the natural alchemy of a fireside conversation. It was launched by founding partners Dave and Bridget Woods, to incubate a powerful but little known approach to leadership and change, called Appreciative Inquiry.
We learnt

the capacity of appreciative questions
to uncover potential and possibility

Fireglow, and our team of associates, grew exponentially over the following 12 years, designing and facilitating corporate-wide change and leadership programmes with South African Breweries, ABI (CCBSA), Tiger Brands and Unilever - as well as work with schools and numerous smaller profit and non-profit organisations.

the way we see and imagine the
world determines our experience of it

system-wide engagement liberates
individual and collective capacity

Fireglow’s offerings extended and deepened over the following years into individual and collective development, using the frameworks of the Enneagram, Integral and Leadership Maturity - and embedding the metaskill of mindfulness. Much of this work was refined in numerous executive development programmes for AngloGold and Engen in association with Aephoria.

next level leadership requires waking up,
growing up and cleaning up

personal agency is fuelled by awareness
- of self, other and the world

In recent years, our work has transitioned into the arena of ‘new generation’ organisations. We are mentoring and partnering young, innovative, purpose-driven leaders and organisations in their efforts to scale and sustain success from founder-led start-up to established organisation.

We are learning to distill and package years of innovative experience, along with the essential elements of complex developmental frameworks, into hybrid, targeted and time sensitive programmes that fast track individual, team and organisational growth and performance.

And open-hearted, full-bodied presence is the creative source for a new world of work

Our Team

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Quiet Visionary & Catalyst

Bridget Woods

As a seasoned consultant and facilitator, Bridget focuses on inspiring the best in human beings, organisations and their relationship with each other and the world.  Her years of learning through practice with some of the largest companies in South Africa, is complemented by her MSc in Organisational and Personal Transformation (Middlesex University UK).

She brings depth, love and lightness to 'next level' leadership, learning and changing conversations – in places and between people who are questioning the status quo and exploring more authentic and generative ways of being, living, organising and working. Her own discovery and learning is inevitably translated into learning journeys for others, making complex frameworks, concepts and new ways of being, accessible and transformative.

Her skills, training and experience traverse change and complexity, sustainability, leadership maturity, organisational design, and mindfulness
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CREATIVE leader and coach

Helen During

Helen is an internationally accredited Enneagram Specialist and Executive Coach. She has a strong corporate and entrepreneurial background, with over 15 years of experience coaching individuals and teams in the workplace.

As a leadership specialist, Helen partners with clients to facilitate a deeper understanding of the leadership 'fingerprints' of individuals and teams. Her forward-looking coaching style inspires curiosity and insight that results in a greater sense of agency and action.

She has worked with clients across a wide variety of industries including retail, financial services, media, and education.

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Chelsea Chalmers

With a background in operations management, operational systems design and a deep love for organisational psychology, Chelsea has worked to design, integrate and improve large-scale operational systems. Chelsea is deeply fascinated by the interdependencies between systems, process, technology and people, and how optimal alignment of these elements benefit the organisational system. 

Chelsea executes operational integration strategies to effectively merge diverse divisional and global business operations into a unified system.  Her work includes facilitating aligned operational design requirements across leadership as well as collaborating broadly with people for the planning, design and implementation of various system change initiatives. Outputs have included standard operating processes, capacity management, building planning capabilities, prioritisation systems, and data and reporting logic.

She is pragmatic, purpose-driven, solutions-oriented and people-obsessed. She has a knack for facilitating a co-created experience of structure and system design - bringing calm and clarity within chaos and complexity. 
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